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Invisibly captures computer usage and Internet activity

Powered Keylogger is a driver-based software keylogger that secretly captures keystrokes, mouse clicks and passwords, tracks sent and received emails, monitors Internet activity and logs launched applications.

Now Powered Keylogger works under Windows Vista!

Powered Keylogger is undetectable by a list of firewalls and antivirus software, even anti-spyware/anti-keyloggers won't locate it.
Check Powered Keylogger's detection list here

Common objectives and our solutions:

Keylogger log types
  • capture absolutely all passwords
  • see what user typed and where clicked
  • read all sent and received emails
  • track user's Internet activity
  • see which programs were used and when
  • periodically screenshot desktop state

Powered Keylogger invisibly records keystrokes and all passwords, making you aware of Windows logon password, passwords to websites/e-mails and saved passwords, which weren't typed. Powered Keylogger fully supports Unicode, which means you won't experience any problems with non-standard or 2-byte encodings.

Unlike with many other keyloggers and spy utilities, Powered Keylogger logs absolutely all keystrokes, system keys and combinations, no matter where they were typed. To find out everything a user typed, simply check out Keystrokes log! Navigate to Web-activity log to see which websites a monitored user visited and when. In a separate E-mail log you'll be able to skip through the user's correspondence, read all incoming and outgoing e-mails. From Applications log you can easily access details about each and every program launched, when and how long it was used. Finally, Screenshots log with periodic snapshots of desktop state visually presents monitored user activity and, when viewed as a slideshow, gives a feel of presence at the monitored PC all the time.

  • access keylogger from any application
  • choose specific log types to be recorded
  • convenient and representational logs view

To adjust keylogging settings and view the logs, you simply type your unique "secret word" in any application or even on your desktop to open Powered Keylogger's log viewer. This is an absolutely new approach, but extremely safe - so be sure to choose an advanced and safe password, and don't forget it!

Keystroke capture process is fully customizable to your goals and objectives, and lets you choose from a variety of log types only those that you need to record! Powered Keylogger's log viewer gives an easy way to browse through a variety of recorded user information, conveniently sorted by dates or monitored PC name in the calendar. Alternatively, you can view detailed logs by type, or filter keylogger data by username, application and windows caption.

auto-save Keylogger logs to Flash drive
  • see logs on the same PC
  • auto-save logs to USB Flash drive

Whether you have an access to the monitored PC at any time or not - Powered Keylogger is your solution. With our keystroke logger you can check logs from the monitored PC or save to the USB Flash drive in seconds!

In the 1st case, you even can leave all the settings by default and our Keylogger will record keyboard activity automatically, which will be accessible via your secret word 24 hours a day.

Secondly, you can use a NEW flexible data collection method, quick and simple - configure Powered Keylogger to automatically store logs to your Flash memory card whenever you plug it in! The whole process of storing the logs to your Flash drive is absolutely untraceable, so that the person who has been monitored won't notice anything at all.

  • monitor your PC from a remote computer
  • receive logs via e-mail
  • send logs to several specified e-mails

Even if you don't have regular access to a monitored PC with keylogger installed, you still can track user's activity with Powered Keylogger and receive logs remotely. You need to have access to the PC only once to install keylogger and adjust settings and e-mail preferences. Powered Keylogger will record all chosen activity and automatically send logs to any e-mail addresses. This way you don't need to go to the monitored PC to view the logs, they all (except for large Screenshots log) will be deciphered and delivered to your mailbox. As logs are stored in Powered Keylogger's internal PKL format, you'll need to install keylogger's Log Viewer on a monitored PC separately to view captured details remotely.

  • invisibly monitor any PC
  • remain absolutely stealth
  • be sure no one will detect keylogger

We took appropriate measures to ensure that you can safely monitor any PC without leaving a trace. Powered Keylogger's program modules can't be detected with file search or by file managing shells, as they are hidden in your system. Logs that you choose to track are invisible, too, so that nobody will notice files or screenshots, increasing in size. Needless to say, Powered Keylogger isn't visible in Tasks or Processes List, among installed programs, in Start menu (unless you choose a visible installation), it won't show up in registry or Add/Remove Programs utility. All this guarantees incomparable stealth functions in a small yet multi-featured PC monitoring tool.

Powered Keylogger advantages:

  • Unique kernel-level driver functionality
  • Absolutely untraceable by a list of firewalls, anti-virus, anti-keyloggers
  • Invisible keylogger, even capable of hiding its own folder on hard drive
  • Can be used as remote keylogger - view logs from other computers (requires logs viewer installed)
  • Automatically saves the logs to prepared USB Flash Drive
  • Unique unhiding mechanism - "secret word" approach
  • Enable/Disable every log individually (do not use those logs that are not necessary for you)
  • Possibility to stop keylogger and enable it again in some period of time
  • Monitors all users on your PC
  • Easily configurable
  • Automatic startup even before Logon screen

Powered Keylogger overview:

  • Full support of Windows Vistanew!
  • Records all keystrokes, even system keys and controls on multimedia keyboards
  • Captures all mouse clicks and shows exact time, date, username, application, window and control
  • Records all passwords, including Windows Logon Password, saved passwords, passwords to e-mails and websites, etc
  • Monitors Internet activity - shows visited websites and web-pages links
  • Records applications activity - shows which programs were launched
  • Captures all e-mails sent or received on monitored PC, no matter if it is Outlook or any other e-mail client, or the mail is sent using web-interface
  • Visual surveillance - records desktop activity making snapshots of your desktop at a customizable interval, with automatic disabling taking screenshots based on user inactivity
  • Unique screenshots playback as a slide show or manual advancement in full screen
  • View logs for any dates or combine them with our convenient Calendar control
  • Advanced logs filtering system: filter by username, application or windows caption
  • Each entry in the log is accompanied by detailed information (time, date, username, application, etc)
  • Invisibly sends logs via e-mail, automatically clears after sent

Powered Keylogger is aimed to assist:

  • Corporate/Employee monitoring
  • Parental control
  • Network administrators
  • Law enforcement organizations
  • Concerned PC owners

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Powered Keylogger has everything in it to track every action a user performs on a PC. It is a wholesome software for accurate user monitoring, where you can customize it to show the kind of tracking reports you need and in the way you prefer - silently e-mails them and even saves to a Flash drive! With all its features, it couldn't be easier to use.

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    12th September, 2007
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    5th December, 2008
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Work with Windows Vista
System Requirements
  • Compatible with: Windows 2000/XP, Windows Vista
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